Can You Convert These Fractions To Decimals?

Fractions and decimals are part and parcels of so many things of our lives. Not is it of use for purely academic purposes, but a knowledge of it it also comes in handy when one is shopping for something or trading in securites or calculating insurance. Yes, they're a part of our everyday lives! So, the quiz we have lined up for you is just to guage your ability to deal with world of fractions and decimals. Give it a shot!

When the Pilgrims of Plymouth, the first English settlers landed in American they were received by Samoset and Tisquantum, members of Native American Patuxet tribe in 1853. The pilgrims were astonished to hear the native Indian speak in English. Incidentally, Samoset picked up the Queen's language from the fishermen who anchored off Monhegan Island, which is about 12 miles of the coast of Maine and most surprisingly knew most ship captains by name.

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